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    Thread: Bamboo?

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      Haven't seen any discussion on Bamboo. I was interested in trying to burn some bamboo utility spoons such as rice spoons and other spoons that I see in some stores. Without actually going out to purchase I thought I'd ask if anyone has tried it and what success.

      I don't plan, at the moment, on burning anything other thn some oriental characters.. but who knows.

      Thanks in advance, Bill

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      Re: Bamboo?

      Hi Bill,

      This is a really good question! I recently bought a two piece set of Bamboo spoon and spatula at the dollar store however, I haven't tried burning it yet so I am also interested in knowing if anyone else has tried burning the Bamboo. I notice when I hold up the Bamboo set next to a set of new wooden spoons that the Bamboo has a courser grain...which could be a challenge...but then I haven't tried sanding it yet either. It will be interesting to hear what other's have to say. Thanks for bringing up the question.


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      Re: Bamboo?

      Hello All.
      I have had the pleasure of burning a number of items on bamboo and it is a great medium. Most of the pieces I had access to were in the 4"diameter range and turned out to be a great size for a number of interesting projects. I have burned designs from art of others as well as a bit of folk art of my own. Best if the product is dry, but have burned when a bit wet. Bamboo may produce a bit of an odor but nothing real offensive. I cleaned after burning with a plastic bristle hand brush and then, in several cases, applied either waxes and other miscellaneous finishes. Experimented a lot as I was fortunate enough to find someone here in local area to cut and bring bamboo to my shop. Also, prior to burning, had shaped many pieces using band saw and other tools.
      Another wonderful product, which I enjoy using nearly as much as leather, is cypress knees. Superb projects from these, at least, for me.
      Good luck, enjoy the day and smile a lot.
      God Bless.
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      Re: Bamboo?

      hey i just did a family crest on bamboo place mats i picked up from a thrift store. Now Ive been requested to do a whole set.. anyways I find that when burning on bamboo it burns a little lighter than im used to but it's still very beautiful color. Just remember bamboo is a type of grass and have fun with the project. if you can find bamboo pieces in a thrift store i would recomend trying it out before spending to much.

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