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      Pyrography Competitions

      Is there a site or list anywhere that shows where and when pyrography competitions/shows are taking place? I've been thinking about trying one out. Thanks!
      Joshua Seabolt

      Joshua Tree Pyrographics

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      Re: Pyrography Competitions

      Late getting to respond to this post.

      All depends on what constitutes a competition I guess. Your location will be a factor to I reckon.
      Let's say it was me looking for such, living in UK as I do. My first port of call would be a search for local exhibitions, see if there are any 'come one, come all and place an entry' exhibitions going on over the coming months.

      Sometimes local Libraries open their doors to exhibitors, or the Local Town Hall, or Art establishment. I think it would be rare indeed to find 'Competitions' as such, more likely open exhibitions I would think.

      Looking for a site for local and regional shows in your area probably would be a best bet. So again if me I would look for any regional websites advertising Craft fairs/and booking sites, and other such venues to see if there are any local shows coming up over the next few months.

      I remember when I used to do the fairs I hade links to various booking sites for fairs, and some also had information on shows, but no longer have such links two computers later now that I don't do the fairs.

      So look for a regional craft forum that lists and has booking information for any of the above.
      Look out for 'open' galleries offering placement of works.
      Even look for sites via your favourite search engine with 'Art' competitions as part of your search criteria.

      All regions, no matter the country you live in will have sites dedicated to venues and this sort of info and more often than not they will be advertised somewhere, either via sites as mentioned, or local newspapers, specific craft publications, maybe even town halls. It is such a wide subject that one needs really to search search search, until you find a reliable site or place that has such info in my experience.

      Also when posting and asking for such info, narrow it down maybe by also mentioning what area you hail from, someone who is in your State or lesser region may already have some info directly related to what you seek. There are many lurkers who visit the site and who knows, a PM from one may be of help, but only if you lighthouse your loocation would you get locational specisfic info.

      Any how lot to think about there.

      hope it helps in your search
      The Journey Is Everything.

      My Pyro Community

      Manchester UK

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      Re: Pyrography Competitions

      In the states the best place to look I have found is at carving shows. Most carving shows have a category for woodburning now. Also fairs are a great place. Then the last two years our local Senior Center has hosted an art exhibit. I'm just starting to check in to galleries but that is a whole different ball game. I'm checking into our local art league. That would be a place to check also see if your local or one near by has any. Check the chamber of commerce and see what information they have.

      I have really enjoyed the carving shows and especially our local fair.

      I'm happy to say I even placed first in my category at the exhibit at our Senior Center. It will be on display there till the end of the month. The only thing about it is the new owner is anxious to take it home.

      Here is a link on Colwood's site for carving clubs. Of course it is just a small sampling but it is a start:

      Hope this helps some. If you find any good information please share it. Let us know how you do.

      aka Tina Cole, teeburn

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